Frequently Asked Questions

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What are these video lessons?

Each math concept that you have in your math class is taught in these video lessons.  The video lessons teaches concepts, definitions, formulas, and/or steps involved in solving math problems.  Every video lesson has an additional video where example problems are completely worked out. 


How will these videos help you with your math class?

We have a video lesson for every topic covered in your  math class.  You can easily find a video on the skill discussed in class and enhance your learning and have the content re-taught without classroom distractions.  The concepts are taught in a way where you can take notes and see illustrations and pictures describing the ideas.  Furthermore, each lesson has a second video where example problems are worked out.  You have the ability to rewind and watch again on confusing concepts.  The overacheaving student can watch videos on upcoming classroom concepts and be well prepared for the classroom lesson.


How long are the videos?

Each lesson video has a different length depending on the complexitry of the lesson.  However, videos are anywhere from 3 minutes long to 15 minutes long.  Each lesson has a second video where example problems are worked out; these videos vary in lenght depending on how many examples are done.


 Can these videos help me on my finals?

Yes! These videos are great for reviewing for finals.  You can sit back and watch old classroom lessons being re-taught.  What a great way to study old material.


What if my teacher teaches it differently?

Many times in mathematics, there are multiple ways to do a problem.  Being able to do problems differently is the key to really understanding what you're doing.


Where can I access the videos? Do I have to be on a certain computer?

The videos can be accessed from anywhere.  You will be given a username, and  can access the videos from any computer and/or your smartphone.


I don't "get it" during class then why will these videos be any different?

There are many reasons related to social fears and social interaction as to why students do not correctly comprehend the material given in class.  Students are distracted by others or themselves.  Socialization is the main priority for many teenagers.  Lots of students get anxiety in class and this hurts their ability to learn or seek help.  These videos allow you to take the instruction home with you free from distractions and social pressures.  You can learn at your own pace and focus on understanding the material rather than all the social stuff that teenagers deal with at school.

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