Frequently Asked Questions

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What are these video lessons?

Each math concept  is taught in these video lessons.  The video lessons teaches concepts, definitions, formulas, and/or steps involved in solving math problems.  Every video lesson has an additional video where example problems are completely worked out.


How long are the videos?

Each lesson video has a different length depending on the complexity of the lesson.  However, videos are anywhere from 3 minutes long to 15 minutes long.  Each lesson has a second video where example problems are worked out; these videos vary in length depending on how many examples are done.


Where can my students access the videos? Do they have to be at a school computer?

The videos can be accessed from anywhere.  Your students will be given a username, and they can access the videos from any computer and/or their smartphones.


What is the main benefit for me using these videos for my classroom?

With the increased classroom expectations and the move to Common Core, classroom time is becoming more valuable and scarce.  With all of the changes, there is one thing that has not changed; the math skills remain the same.  Common core is a new set of standards and new way of assessing our students, but math skills and techniques are the same.  These videos provide your students with detailed instruction on math concepts.  The students can use the videos for taking notes and seeing example problems worked out.  These videos can compliment your classroom instruction and allow you the time for essential common core activities while your students still get direct instruction on key math ideas through the videos.


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