• Have your students watch video lessons for every math concept for Algebra 1/Algebra 2/Geometry as an additional recourse for your math instruction – or – Use the flipped classroom approach by using these well organized, clearly defined lessons for their out of class instruction
  • Math lessons have clearly stated objectives and are built for note taking
  • Students can watch the lessons at home at their own pace (pausing/rewinding/watching several times) – allows class time to be used for working out problems and developing problem solving strategies instead of copying notes and listening to lectures
  • Each lesson has  additional videos with worked out examples to help the students with similar H/W problems
  • Allows teachers the ability to spend more time individually with students working out problems instead of lecturing to a class
  • Gives the teacher flexibility to allow differentiated instruction designed to address the individual needs of each student
  • Teachers can allow students to progress based on achievement and mastery instead of the pace of the class (Students can advance after successful completion of a unit/chapter and still receive instruction despite the classroom separation)
  • Adheres to teacher’s changing their policy on re-takes – students can re-take exams until they are successful and still receive quality instruction on the content at their own pace.  Re-takes reinforce what the student already knows and builds knowledge more concretely.  Students can advance only after showing mastery of a unit without missing out on instruction
  • Ongoing content upgrades and topic addtions
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