About Us

Tom Moorehead is the creator of mymathgeek.  He is a high school math teacher in Sacramento, California.

Tom has taught all levels of mathematics form Pre-Algebra to Calculus (and everything in between).  With his many years of teaching, he realized that many students miss some of the key moments in class.  There are many reasons that these key moments are missed. 

1.There are several classroom distractions that cannot prohibit key information from being relayed accurately. 

2.Many times a students are still trying to understand something that was taught a few minutes prior and miss a key point in class.

3. Missed instruciton (sometimes students and teachers are absent from class)

These videos help address these classroom inevitable deficiencies.  Furthermore, schools are driven by socail factors.  Thus, there are many reasons related to social fears and social interaction as to why students do not correctly comprehend the material given in class.  Therefore, Tom saw the need to allow the students to take the instruciton home with them.

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